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Our Philosophy

At Fortify Generations, we help the amazing people of North Carolina ensure their families, businesses, and rights are protected. Our highly trained legal & business advisors are devoted to safety & peace of mind. Our estate planning & specialized business development teams can effectively draft and execute plans that ensure clarity, comfort, and peace of mind while protecting who and what you love the most. Before getting into any individual planning, we make sure to conduct a comprehensive review of your situation with you. Then, together, we customize a plan to meet your goals and fortify your legacy!

Practice Areas

  • Estate Planning

  • Business Planning

  • Estate Administration

    Trust Administration

  • Family Law

  • Real Estate

  • Landlord/Tenant

  • Notary Public (eNotary coming soon)

Serving the following counties in the great state of North Carolina:

  • Bladen

  • Cumberland

  • Harnett

  • Hoke

  • Johnston

  • Lee

  • Moore

  • Robeson

  • Sampson

  • Scotland

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Why Should You Fortify Your Future?

Q: Why do I need a plan?

  1. Your plan can ensure your kids are not just safe, but cared for, in the way that you want, so that they never end up in the care of strangers or people you don't trust.

  2. Your plan can make sure your assets and business are owned in the right way—now and as your situation changes—so that they are not tied up in court or lost to the state department of unclaimed property.

  3. Your plan can provide a solid foundation for your business, as well as help it adapt to the ever-changing legal and economic landscape.

  4. Your plan can keep your loved ones and business out of conflict.

  5. Your plan empowers you to pass on more than just your money, but also your values, wisdom, intangible assets, goals—your legacy.

Q: How will your plan work for me?
  1. Your plan will be thoughtfully designed—with your input at every step—so that the legacy you envision is the one you leave behind.

  2. Your plan can create maximum protection from personal and business liability and risks so that you are prepared for life's unexpected obstacles.

  3. Your plan can create maximum privacy, if desired, so that your wishes are carried out without creating conflict.

  4. Your legacy can be safeguarded so that no one—such as a disgruntled family member or colleague—will have any power to challenge it.

  5. Your plan will stay up-to-date to reflect your life and asset changes through our complimentary, tri-annual plan reviews and our optional annual review package.

Q: How else do you support me?
  1. We empower you to face the reality of incapacity and death now, before it's too late, so that you know you've done the right thing for your family and business.

  2. We support you to choose the plan that's right for you now, at the intersection of your goals and budget, and we promise to grow with you over time.

  3. There are never any surprise costs because we only charge flat fees, agreed to in advance.

  4. When you have a question, we have a process to get you answers, so you never hesitate to ask.

  5. We'll be there for your family and business, even when you can't be.

Why Should You Fortify Your Future?

Michael D. Provencher, Esq.

CEO, Attorney

Our Chief Executive Officer and Attorney, Michael, has 7+ years of legal experience developing innovative solutions to his clients' unique needs. Being a father and entrepreneur, he knows firsthand the demands of providing for your family—now and in the future—and of creating a business that will thrive and make your community a better place. That is why, as your Trusted Advisor, he can help you accomplish the same.

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